English Teacher Shows Love for Students at Spring Mills


Ryenn Snyder, Author

Jessica Washurn, English teacher at Spring Mills, inspires kids to love reading and writing. 

Washburn has been an English teacher at Spring Mills for two years. Before becoming a teacher, she went to the University of Delaware for her first bachelor’s degree, UMBC for her second bachelor’s and first master’s degree, and Towson University for her second master’s degree. 

In her free time, Washburn likes to read, play with her dogs, and watch Animal Planet. 

Washburn wanted to become a teacher for a very important reason. She loves to learn new things. 

“I always learn something new from my students,” says Washburn. She loves working with teens.  

Her favorite things about working at Spring Mills are the children who go here. She loves teaching her students and helping them learn. 

“The children are my favorite part of working here. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true,” says Washburn.  

Although she loves working at the school, she thinks that Spring Mills has a little bit of improving to do.  

“They can improve on making our school feel like home to every child and adult here,” says Washburn. She feels like making our school feel like home would make school more enjoyable for everyone.  

Since she’s been here, Washburn thinks the school has improved. 

“Our school has improved on the number of clubs and activities available and the number of teachers willing to help out with these,” says Washburn. She feels that it’s important to provide clubs and activities to students. 

Washurn believes that the key to being a good teacher is having fun and forming bonds with students. 

“Relationships and humor are very important to me,” says Washburn.  

Washburn loves teaching the children at Spring Mills. She makes Spring Mills feel like home for her students.