History Teacher Educates People Everywhere


Katelyn Benoit, Author

By: Katelyn Benoit

World History and U.S. Composition teacher Thomas Cochrane is an educator in the classroom and in living history enactments.  

Cochrane has been working for Berkeley County Schools for two years. He teaches World History with the freshmen and Honors U.S. Composition with the sophomores.  

“If students don’t respect their history, they are doomed to repeat it,” Cochrane said. “I enjoy making history come to life and making kids enjoy history.” Cochrane said that he loves teaching history to people. 

“Don’t waste your opportunities. Once you turn eighteen, life gets more difficult,” Cochrane said. Cochran cares a lot about his students and strives to help them.  

In his free time when he isn’t teaching the students in SMHS, he educates people through living history enactments. Cochrane has been doing these for 10 years.  

Cochrane setting up a fire.

“My favorite part is educating people properly on what the American Civil War was really like,” Cochrane saidHe enjoys honoring the sacrifices made on both sides of the American Civil War.  

“A lot of problems we still see today are from the American Civil War,” Cochrane said. According to Cochrane, the American Civil War defined the country. 

One thing he wants everyone to know is that U.S. History rocks.