SMHS is Thankful for All These Things and More


Katelyn Benoit, Author

By: Katelyn Benoit

SMHS students and staff have many Thanksgiving traditions and things to be thankful for. 

“We always go to my aunt’s house and make different desserts,” sophomore Chloe Clemons said. “I’m grateful for my family, friends, and all the people that put up with me.”   

Most students around the school were thankful for their friends and family, but when it came to family traditions, that’s where everyone had something different to say. 

“One Thanksgiving tradition we have is instead of a Thanksgiving meal with my family, we invite friends over and make different foods that are normally made at Thanksgiving,” freshman Clay Haworth said.  

Some students even had food traditions at Thanksgiving. 

“A tradition that we have at Thanksgiving is that we eat macaroni salad and banana pudding,” junior Nadia Slonaker said.  

The staff had some interesting traditions too. 

“We gather with extended family and celebrate,” said librarian Tonya Fleming.  

“For the past two years, we have been driving up to Philadelphia to see my husband’s family. “ said English teacher Elizabeth Jorgensen. “Saturday mornings, we get my parents Christmas tree after Thanksgiving,” said Jorgensen.  

SMHS Cardinals have a lot to be thankful for and their traditions are so unique.