Fabulous Nails and Salon Tales

Fabulous Nails and Salon Tales

Katelyn Benoit , Author

Having my nails done is such a key thing for me. It represents my personality so well when it comes to picking the color to adding glitter and gems. The place I normally get my nails done at since I’ve moved here has been the Nail Lounge. I’ve watched this place gain more staff, more colors, and many different interior designs. I think this place is one of the best local nail salons in the area. This is my review on The Nail Lounge in the Spring Mills Town Centre:


First Impression:

My first impression of The Nail Lounge was that it was a nice, cute nail lounge in the local area. It looked like it was family owned. They had a lot to choose from and they were all super nice and caring. They offered free refreshments and had great customer service.

Over the years, they have gained different staff members and they are all amazing. I haven’t had one bad experience yet.