Tune In Tuesday: The Sad Teenager Playlist



I Can’t Handle Change – R.O.A.R.

Feel like nothing you do is ever good enough? So do this band. And they definitely voice exactly that in this masterpiece. Personally, one of my favorites. It’s not a very well-known song, but it should be.

Asleep – The Smiths

It was a hard day, bud. Go home and silently cry in your sleep to this. You’ll feel brand new in the morning. I know because that’s what I do almost everyday after school. The Smiths have your back.

Summer Depression – girl in red

Certain seasons for certain sadnesses. It happens. At least treat yourself to some great music.

REMember- Mac Miller

Losing people is hard, Mac understands though. Well, did, until we lost him.

Heart Broken – Whxami

The title says it all and sometimes it really do be like that.