Today’s Technological Debate: Is phone usage in school actually advantageous for students?


Hannah Marambio, Author

This past school year, a new phone policy was implemented at SMHS bringing both positive and negative effects. But this policy is not just relevant to Spring Mills High School but throughout the entire country in both public and private schools. 

The new wave of technology that arose in the last decade has become an aide for work/professional environments, homework, research projects, essays, college and job applications, social media influencing, marketing/advertising, and more. These technological improvements are hard to argue against. However, phones in school have become controversial for several reasons. Most teachers are against phone use during class, which is to be understood as most students abuse or disregard their school policy. Phone usage in school has been proven to be both effective and distracting when it comes to learning. 

Most of the time though, phones are not used as tools for school. Cons against phone usage in school include constant distractions from notifications, text, and social media apps or games. 

Pros for phone usage in school include the option to use educational apps (such as Kahoot or quizlet), digital platforms for assignments, and easy access to information for research for classwork, projects, and assignments.  Cheating also becomes very accessible along with the readily available flow of information. Phones also take away social interactions and make it easier for students to avoid socializing or looking up from their desks. 

 Studies show that a large percentage of students with phones bring them to school and use them throughout the day despite whatever phone rules their school implements. 65% of teens who own phones bring them to school even though phones are banned. 58% of students who are not allowed to be on their phones still text in class and  43% of teens from schools with various phone rules text one or more times during class. 

While smartphones do bring many learning advantages, everyone knows that students misuse and abuse phone privileges in school. Phones bring many learning resources but most students do not utilize or take advantage of it properly. Even in college, students listen better and take more notes when their phones are put away. With limited phone use in school and some guidelines, students will at least have the chance to focus and make better use of class time.