An Introduction to Spring Mills Wrestling


Hannah Marambio, Author

On Tuesday January 14th, the wrestling team held an assembly in front of the entire school to gain support for the often overlooked and under appreciated sport.

This is the first time that the wrestling team has hosted a match like this. The Cardinals faced Mercersburg Academy, and the afternoon ended with a 73-6 win for the cardinals.

Juniors Tyler Moore and Faith Getridge are just a few of the wrestlers who represented the school well by winning their matches.


The wrestling team’s record has been pretty successful so far both this season and in past seasons. The team has a full roster of members who compete in matches that students and families are always welcome to watch.

“I really enjoyed announcing those wrestling matches, especially in front of a large crowd of over 1400 people in attendance. I had a good time,” said senior Luke McCarren.

Wrestling is actually an exciting sport to watch, as many students have now learned. They also learned that it can also be quite competitive, making the matches even more interesting.

“Wrestling teaches you mental toughness, so whatever you are going through mentally, wrestling can get you through it. I think the school loves watching us wrestle. That’s exactly what the sport needs. People were amazed without really knowing what was happening. Our team is very good, and we perform like that every match. So if you want to continue to see kids being slammed, wrestling is the sport to watch,” said Senior Zane Milburn.

Now that all students and faculty have been exposed to the sport, more people can now appreciate and support it.