Why You Shouldn’t Worry About What People Think About You


Paige Kilmer, Author

1. You know yourself better than anybody else. 

How can somebody who doesn’t know your every thought, tell you what you are or make claims about you? Really, they can’t. They don’t know what kind of person you really are. Be bold. Do what’s best for you.  

2. You are not their business. 

Since when did anybody owe an explanation to anybody for being themselves? Never. If you’re not bothering them or in the wrong, express yourself freely. That’s none of their business. 

3. You’re probably already hard enough on yourself. 

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re an anxious or self-conscious person. Which usually means you’re hard on yourself for no reason already. You don’t need the extra input. 

4. They’re not paying your bills or taking care of you. 

Unless you’re worried about your caregiver’s thoughts of you, why worry about people who don’t even take care of you? They’re not buying you clothes or feeding you. Their opinion means nothing. 

5. Everybody’s different. 

Everybody has the freedom to express themselves. Everybody is completely different and there’s no shame in that. 

6. Self-love is the best love. 

Before you even think about worrying about what someone says, worry about what you think of yourself. Learning to be gentle and loving to yourself is hard because you do know yourself better than anybody else. You know every flaw. But work on your flaws and learn to love yourself.