Snow Activities Galore at Bryce Ski Resort


Katelyn Benoit , Author

Over the weekend I took a trip with my family to Bryce Ski Resort in Basye, VA. Bryce Ski Resort is a small little resort an hour away from Martinsburg.

We stayed in a little air b&b 30 minutes away from the resort. The air b&b was a nice little cabin in a quiet area. The owners were really nice and made us feel comfortable. It was a home away from home.

The first day that we got there, we settled down in the house and got used to things. Later that day we planned to go snow tubing at 7. So, to pass the time by, we relaxed and waited till the time came to start off the fun activities that weekend.

6:30 rolls bye and we are leaving the house to go to Bryce for a night of snow tubing. Let’s just say Google Maps is your friend. We used Apple Maps and it got us lost in the middle of the woods. Epic right? Me, being the genius that I am, put on Google Maps and saved the day by getting us to the resort and out of the woods.

We finally get to the resort and start our snow adventure. The staff was really nice and helpful to us. Especially since we have never been there.

Snow tubing was really fun. I’ve done it at Whitetail but never at Bryce and I can say that Bryce is better. Their lanes were longer and went faster. Whitetail’s lanes are more sloped and shorter. Both resorts have three lanes.

After an hour of snow tubing, we decided to get some food and try out the restaurant they had there. We sat in the more quiet, less crowded area of the restaurant. I got the Crab Cake sandwich and it was too fancy for me. But, hey, I’m not complaining.

At 9:00, they had fireworks and they were BEAUTIFUL. They were the best fireworks I’ve seen ever.

The next day we went back to learn how to ski and snowboard. My parents decided to learn how to ski, while I decided to snowboard. Let me just say that snowboarding is 10x harder than skiing. Just putting that out there. It took my 3 hours to learn how to snowboard. I decided to switch my snowboard for a pair of skis. It took my 10 minutes to learn how to ski. Skiing is way easier because you have both of your feet as where snowboarding, you don’t.

Overall, Bryce Resort was really fun. I would totally go back with some friends or my family again. If you are looking for a fun pass of time and you want to be outside in the cold weather, this is the place to go.