Things to do on Valentines Day (If You’re Single)


Hannah Marambio, Author

Valentines Day is coming up next month so here’s a guide to preparing for and making the most out of it with your girl friends or even by yourself

  1. Invite your best friend/s over
  2. Or just spend the night with yourself because there’s nothing wrong with that
  3. Watch Netflix (but you should probably avoid any romance movies lol)
  4. Get Grubhub from your favorite restaurant or order pizza
  5. Bake something that you love or try something new
  6. Do your makeup and get dressed up if you’re feeling it
  7. Or just chill in sweatpants that’s good too
  8. Do a face mask or whatever girly thing floats your boat
  9. Tell the other people in your life that you love them because even if you don’t have a boyfriend there’s still a lot of people who love and care about you
  10. Remember to love yourself (boyfriend or not) and your v-day might even be more fun without one