Tune in Tuesday: Top 7 Foster the People Songs


Paige Kilmer, Author

1. Pumped Up Kicks 

Pumped Up Kicks was a song that was very popular in 2011. It really gave Foster the People a leg up in the music world and got their name out there. Though despite its dark lyrics, this song played literally everywhere in America.  

2. Sit Next to Me 

Sit Next to Me is another song to hit the top charts in 2018. It played all summer and it genuinely was a whole bop, so I don’t blame them for playing it so much.  

3. Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls) 

It’s a pretty catchy tune, if I do say so myself. It’s an upbeat, energetic song that will keep you going through a rough day. It was also another one of their songs to hit top charts. 

4. Coming of Age 

This song is a personal favorite. It has a nostalgic feel that reminds me of summer, which is probably my favorite season. Foster’s vocals in this song are amazing and addictive. 10/10; would recommend. 

5. Best Friend 

Though this song is about a situation you probably don’t want to be in, it’s catchy and I listen to this song religiously. It’s catchy, just like all their other songs. It’ll most definitely play through your head multiple times a day, but it’s fine because it’s not a bad song.  

6. Waste 

Waste is a song with great meaning. This song has been in my playlists since about 2012 and will continue to be for probably the rest of my life. The song is about being there for someone when they’re unable to help themselves or are struggling, which is inspiring and uplifting. 

7. Miss You

You guessed it; it’s about missing somebody. It’s a song you listen to when you miss someone. It’s what you do.