Social media use for teens: Beneficial or not?


Ryenn Snyder, Author

Over the last decade or so, social media use with teens has been very high. 

Many people consider this a bad thing. There are many reasons for thinking this way. 

Some said that risks for teenagers using social media are the risk of being cyberbullied or harassed and disconnection from the real world.  

Although there are some controllable risks, I think that there are many pros of social media use for teens, also.  

The use of social media can help teens improve their social skills, feel less isolated, and even learn about worldwide issues going on today. It is obvious that social media and phone usage, while having some controllable, minor risks, can be very beneficial for teens. 

Cyberbullying and online harassment can be controlled on social media. To prevent these things, you can only let people you know such as family and close friends follow you or connect with you. You can also have your parents monitor your social media. Lastly, block people from your account if they are being rude or are trying to start a problem with you.

Many studies have been done, showing the benefits of social media use for teenagers. 

One major benefit is that using social media can make many teens feel more included, not isolated. 

Using social media in an appropriate way can be a very beneficial factor in teens’ lives. 

Although teens can sometimes feel overwhelmed with social media, it can help them show their creative side and really stay connected with everybody they want to. It can also make them feel like they have people to help them through rough times.  

Many teens also say that social media can help them interact with people from different backgrounds and experiences, as well as find out other people’s point of view and opinions.  

Sometimes, it can also help them find trustworthy and important information that they might need, quickly and efficiently. 

Social media use can be very beneficial for teens.