Are We Here for an Education or a Dress Code Referral?


Katelyn Benoit , Author

By: Katelyn Benoit

Dress code is a debatable topic amongst student bodies, school staff, and parents of the community. Schools across the country have different standards for what their students should be wearing. This topic has been thrown around with mixed opinions for a while. Does dress code affect the way we learn and act around the school? 

survery was done at The Nueva School in San Matteo, California regarding dress code in the school. 44% of students said that complaints about the dress code in general bothered them, and 39% said that complaints from administration about dress code bothered them. Being sent to administration or having heard comments about their outfit could be distracting to a student’s education.  

“When I’ve gotten dress coded in the past, it makes me feel very uncomfortable about myself. It tends to stay on my mind all day,” sophomore Rhiannon Woolcock said.  

Another survey was done to 40 students at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. They asked students if they believed boys and girls are equally dress coded. 9 students said yes, and 31 students said no. There are stories on the news about female students being sent home for “promiscuous clothing items” such as not meeting the fingertip length requirement or not having thick enough shoulder straps.  

“As a male, I have not been dress coded ever, and I have never seen a male be dress coded either,” said sophomore Jacob Fox. 

In our case, Berkeley County is responsible for setting up the dress code standards. Even if we the school tried to change the dress code for their school, it still would have to go through the county. 

Uniforms could be a way to solve dress code issues, but in areas of poverty and low income, students and families may not be able to afford those required school day uniforms if enforced.  

Just relax on the dress code enforcements. In the end, we are here to learn about things that will take us farther in life rather than worrying about the clothing that we wear.