Is the New Smoking Age a Good Thing?


Paige Kilmer, Author

A law has been put into place making the age to buy and smoke tobacco products 21. There is a lot of controversy around this new law. Is it right? Is it wrong? I truly believe it’s wrong. 

The campaign used to increase the age for smoking to 21 was advocated by the American Lung Association. The campaign targeted parents who were afraid of their children smoking or juuling, claiming that kids are more likely to get tobacco products from people who are 18 than from people who are 21 and older.  

This could be true, but kids are clever. Raising the age may make it more difficult for under age users, but finding a way to get tobacco products isn’t impossible. The law now creates a new issue because what about adults aged 18-20 who’ve been smoking? They’re most likely also going to play the system by getting their parents, friends, or other family members to get tobacco products for them. But President Donald Trump signed off on the law on December 20, 2019, anyway. 

Yes, smoking is very bad for your health, it’s been proven for quite some time now. Usually bad things are banned or restricted, so why is moving the smoking age to 21 so bad?  

Once you’ve become 18, you legally have almost all responsibilities of an adult. You pay taxes. You can be drafted or work in the military. You probably have some kind of bills. Point is, you have all this adult responsibility with no adult enjoyment. And that’s honestly a bit unfair. 

If people are truly informed about the health problems that come with smoking and are technically adults who can consent, why can’t they smoke at the age of 18 if they wish to? They can consent to putting their lives on the front line, but not to smoking.  

The statement that this new law makes is that 18-20-year old can benefit the country but aren’t allowed to have the option to enjoy an adult privilege.