Cardinal Awards in Cardinal Country


Josalyn Junkin, Author

Once every nine weeks teachers choose one student out of all their classes to receive the Cardinal Award. The Cardinal Award stands for Character, Attitude, Respect, DeterminationInspiration, Noteworthy, Ambition, and Leader. If a student display one or more of those qualities on a regular basis, a teacher can name them as their nominee.  

If a student gets selected, they attend the Cardinal Award Ceremony which takes place during third period. Students can invite their family and get recognized by the principal and by representatives of SMHS sponsors State Farm and United Bank.  

Principle Kamlowsky hands award to Monica Powers

Students names get read, and they walk across the stage as Principal Kamlowsky reads why the teacher chose them. They receive their certificate and then go to sit back down. 

“I think the awards affect the students in a positive way. We get their parents in here, and they are able to see what the teachers say about them. I think that’s the best part about the Cardinal Awards that we do; the teachers actually write something about the kids,” said Kamlowsky. 

After the ceremony, there is a table of snacks and refreshments made by Ms. Mills for students and their families. This table includes fruits, muffins, and lemon water.

Award winners line up to get some breakfast snacks.


Mrs. Jorgenson has been in charge of planning Cardinal Awards for two years. She sends out the forms for teachers to nominate students, collects them, makes their certificates, and is in charge of the ceremony in the auditorium.

Jorgenson hands certificate to sophomore Ann Ofoegbu.

Being in charge of the Cardinal Awards gives me a new appreciation for how many students are doing good things in school. Before I was in charge, I hadn’t even attended the ceremony, I had only recommended kids,” said Jorgenson.