The Importance of Presidents’ Day


Paige Kilmer, Author

Presidents’ Day is a holiday celebrated in America on the third Monday in February. 

 The holiday is a federal holiday that celebrates George Washington’s (the first president of the United States) Birthday as well as other presidents, in general. George Washington’s birthday is February 11, 1731 according to the Julian calendar, but according to the Georgian calendar (used by Britain at this time), his birthday is February 22, 1732. It is one of the eleven established holidays put in place by Congress. 

 So why do people not just celebrate Presidents’ Day on the day of Washington’s Birthday, the 11th or 22ndAmerica has an act called Uniform Monday Holiday Act. People might not realize that most federal holidays fall on Monday. That’s because this act was made to increase the number of threeday weekends for federal workers, which is great when unwanted Mondays come. 

 “Most people have no idea why we celebrate federal holidays like these. It’s just another day off for most of us,” Chase Vogel, an SMHS junior said. 

 This is correct for most people, but SMHS Civics teacher, Mr. Knepper has another perspective on the holiday. 

 “It’s important to think about the steps our presidents took to make our country as great as it is. And the steps American citizens took to have these people elected into our offices. Presidents’ Day is really a time of reflection for our country to look at all the choices that have been made and to continue to make good choices for our country,” said Knepper.