SMHS Fusion Dance Team Spins Their way to the Basketball Game


Rylea Wilson, Author

The SMHS Fusion dance team danced during half time at a home varsity boys basketball game against Jefferson High School on February 11th. 

The dance team does not dance at every game, but they practice hard enough so that when they do danceit will be perfect on the court. Before each game, the girls warm up and stretch out. They do that to make sure they don’t get hurt while dancing. 

Some of the dancers have never danced until they joined the team, but a lot of the other girls have been dancing since they were little kids.  

I’ve been dancing ever since I was about seven years old, but I’m starting to take dancing seriously since I’m on the Fusion dance team, said junior Rebbekah Diaz Ortiz. 

The girls on the team are a close group, no matter if they just came on the team or not. The team prays before each game as a good luck charm. 

Some of the girl want to further their careers in dance after they graduate high school. 

“I will be moving to NYC in the falland I plan on majoring in commercial dance and taking classes at Broadway Dance Center,” said senior Haley Nowicki. 

The Fusion dance team is losing a lot of girls this year due to graduation, but that won’t stop them from dominating the half time shows next year.