The World of Scholarships


Hannah Marambio, Author

A scholarship is a grant/money-based reward given to students to support their education. Finding scholarships is a big part of being able to afford college and help with financial age.


Proper planning and preparation for college can save you money and stress

Paying for an education at the college level can be quite expensive and almost everyone needs help making up the cost. College expenses include tuition, room and board, meal plans, and more. For those going out of state, the price unfortunately goes up, and travel expenses are also added. All of this can be very overwhelming especially to a seventeen-year-old student who is probably only working a part-time job at the most.

This is where scholarships come into play. The search for scholarships requires some research, creating accounts and filling out forms, and some time/effort. Not every scholarship is going to be right for everyone, and it will take time to find the ones that best apply to you.

Some scholarships are academic-based, which takes more work and can include grades, writing essays, and more. Others are based off  projects, community service, or unique things that a student has done/accomplished. However, there are plenty of scholarships that only require making an account or by filling out a quick submission form. Most colleges also have their own scholarships for incoming or current students to apply to.

“Paying for college can be ridiculous especially because of all the paperwork and applications you have to fill out just to get a scholarship,” said senior Whitney Weyforth.

“College scholarships are helpful but there should be more options,” said senior Josalyn Junkin.

Now applications are typically online making them easier to access

The first step to earning scholarships is to search for them online or wherever resources are available. The hardest part is just filling them out and submitting them but besides for that there is not much to the process.

Preparing for the future can be scary but getting a head start mentally and financially can take away some stress and worries. For juniors and seniors now is a good time to begin the scholarship search and with technology the world of scholarships is readily available to everyone.