The Restaurant with Never Ending Names


Katelyn Benoit , Author

On Valentine’s Day, I decided to go eat out with my mom. We didn’t know what to eat. I came up with this glorious idea to go eat at the Thai restaurant in Hagerstown, Maryland. The reason why I didn’t give it a name there is because they always seem to renovate their building and give themselves a new name. This time the name of the establishment was called Silk. Gotta love this place though.

The staff is super kind. The restaurant was clean and pretty. I feel like they charged me $2 for a water but that’s none of my business. I ended up ordering Green Cury. The flavor was immaculet. It had some spice but it wasn’t overbearing. It was just enough to make you order more water.

They are a small business trying to earn a living so if you ever get time, go to their establishment and order some food. You won’t regret it trust me.