Shooting For a Cure


Rylea Wilson, Author

On February 13th, Spring Mills High School held Hoops for Heart for the students. 

Each participant had to pay ten dollars to be able to play. That money was raised and sent to the American Heart Association. The students were to form teams and play against one another in a series of tournaments. This event lasted the whole school day so they could determine their winners for Hoops for Heart. 

Many students who played had never played basketball, so it was a time to enjoy themselves and have fun with their classmates. 

“My favorite part was playing with my best friends,” said senior Jaron Swartz. Other students enjoyed playing basketball against their classmates. 



The students each had a goal at the start of every game. They students wanted to win and move up in the tournament.  

Teams started to lose, which caused a final play between two teams, the “Big Boys” and “CBT”.  

The two teams went head to head, coming out with a close score, but “CBT” won the tournament 15-12. 

“Once we realized how many games we had won to make it to the championship, we had the confidence to win it all, and that’s what we did,” said CBT player Gavin Compton. 

CBT won their prizes which were a Hoops for Heart basketball and a shirt.  

Returning students plan on playing again next year with stronger and more competitive teams. This is not only letting kids have fun but it is also going to a great cause with their donations.