Spring Mills High School Quill and Scroll Inductions


Ryenn Snyder, Author

On February 12th, journalism students gathered at Spring Mills High School in the LGI room for Quill and Scroll inductions. 

Quill and Scroll is an international high school journalism honor society that recognizes and encourages both individual and group achievements in scholastic journalism. Over fourteen thousand schools around the world are apart of Quill and Scroll. 

Elizabeth Jorgensen, journalism and English teacher at Spring Mills High School, and the founder of the Quill and Scroll chapter at Spring Mills High School, is very excited for the beginning of Quill and Scroll. Jorgensen has been awaiting the start of Quill and Scroll at Spring Mills High School for quite a while. 


“I wanted to start Quill and Scroll here for a while, but I just didn’t have time,” said Jorgensen. 

Jorgensen has many reasons for starting our chapter of Quill and Scroll at Spring Mills High School. 

“I think it’s really important to start a club for kids who are dedicated to journalism and to promote journalism at our school,” said Jorgensen. 

Rylea Wilson, the President of Quill and Scroll, is also very excited for the start of a new chapter. 

“I’m really excited to receive a graduation chord for Quill and Scroll,” said Wilson. 

Katelyn Benoit, the Secretary of Quill and Scroll is also beyond ready for the start of Quill and Scroll. 

“I’m so excited to bond with my current friends and to make new friends that have the same interests as me,” said Benoit. 

On another note, Jorgensen knows that Quill and Scroll at our school has a bright future. 

“We hope to be able to take trips to many places and learn many new things about journalism,” said Jorgensen. 

Quill and Scroll at Spring Mills High School definitely has a very bright future.