Single Most Popular Sex Trafficking Event: The Super Bowl


Josalyn Junkin, Author

The 2020 Super Bowl between San Francisco and Kansas City was held in Miami. The Super Bowl is a large sex trafficking event because it attracts a lot of people to one city, typically rich men. Girls have been known to been sold for $300 an hour or sold to other human traffickers.  

This is such a big event that airline flight attendants, hotel staffers, taxi and other transportation services have been told to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior relating to trafficking in hopes to put an end to it. Some Uber drivers and hotel workers are given special training to spot traffickers and know how to deal with the situation 

“I think more people should become aware of what goes on,” said Hannah Marambio. 

At last year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, two weeks leading up to the game 169 people were arrested on trafficking charges, including 34 who were caught trying to engage in sexual activity with minors.  

“This makes me sad because I think we could do something about it,” said Whitney Weyforth. 

In 2018 the people of Minneapolis watched for signs of human and sex trafficking online in hopes of helping victims. Many traffickers will put out online ads on the dark web for those to find and purchase services from.  

The Super Bowl is the biggest sex trafficking events in the united states and shedding more light on this topic can make more people aware and get more people looking out for these behaviors. Not all human trafficking has to do with sexual reasons, some are sold for labor and enslavement 

There are an estimated of 24.9 million victims world wide . All ages, nationality, and backgrounds are targeted by traffickers in hopes of exploiting and profiting off children.