How to be More Productive


Paige Kilmer, Author

Get into a routine 

Getting into routine can be hard sometimes, but if you come up with a routine, it’ll make your day go by faster and easier. When you have a routine, you can keep organized better and use your time more wisely. 

Prioritize your time 

Time is on your side, if you choose it to be. Prioritizing your time means that you’re using your time to your best advantage. Instead of coming home and sleeping for 5 hours, you could come homedo everything you need to do, and get to bed at a good time. And heck, you might still have free time before bed. 

Have a scheduled bedtime 

Having a scheduled bedtime might sound stupid, but really it’s not. Getting into the habit of falling asleep at a certain time improves your sleeping patterns and helps you get more efficient sleep. Which is great because you’re most likely a high school student that needs more sleep. 

Don’t procrastinate  

Yes, procrastinating is easy to do, but it’s not helpful. Being productive is essentially the opposite of procrastination. Procrastination is a hard habit to get out of, but it’s more of a mindset that you need to get into. Just think, if you get all your stuff done now, you have all the free time to do what you want to. 

Take a power nap after school or work 

Don’t strain yourself. Work and school can be very stressful, so sometimes (maybe everyday) you need to take a break before diving into your homework or chores around the house. And that’s okay, sometimes we all just need a boost.