Is the Government Listening?


Paige Kilmer, Author

They say that Big Brother is watching. But when?  

Yes, it’s true that the government has access to our calls and text messages, but when are they using these resourcesWhat allows this breach of privacy and how far does it go? Is there a line the government won’t cross? I don’t believe so. 

The NSA or the National Security Agency is a nationallevel intelligence agency of the United States Department of DefenseThey are responsible for the collection and gathering of information and data for domestic intelligence and counterintelligence purposes. They have been collecting information from Americans since they were founded in 1952.  

They were meant to have a focus on collecting information for counterintelligence on foreign parties, but ever since the terrorist attacks on the twin towers, the NSA has put more energy into domestic intelligence. After George Bush passed the Patriot Act, the NSA had much fewer legal restrictions on their domestic intelligence operations. 

The government can access your call logs and runs a secret program called PRISMThis program taps into millions of “audio, video, photographs, e-mails and other documents” regularly. It’s claimed that it is not looking for the contents of conversations but just the data from these documents. But is it legal? Is this infringing on Americans’ rights? It’s hard to categorize. 

There’s two ways to look at this. Either the government is keeping tabs on crime by being able to track calls and messages which is helpful in crisis situations and emergencies, or the government is keeping tabs on everyday people and infringing on their rights.  

I believe that it’s a helpful tool, but the government should have limited access to it.