Ways to Prevent Getting Sick this Winter

Ways to Prevent Getting Sick this Winter

Ryenn Snyder, Author

1. Wash your hands! 

This is the most important preventative step to take. Wash your hands with hot water for at least 20 seconds.  

2. Don’t touch your face. 

Unless you have just washed your hands, avoid touching your face, as touching your mouth, nose, or eyes can spread the virus into your system. 

3. Get your Flu shot each year. 

If you’re vaccinated, you won’t have to take any precautions to avoid getting sick. 

4. Keep your distance from sick people. 

If our family member or friend is sick, stay away from them until they are feeling better. 

5. Keep hand sanitizer on you. 

This makes it easy to disinfect your hands anywhere and anytime. 

6. Wipe off surfaces in your house that are regularly touched. 

It important to wipe off any germs that have built up over time.  

7. Avoid touching too many things in public places. 

You don’t know which person who has which disease or virus touched any object in public!