Spring Mills High School is Looking for Talent


Paige Kilmer, Author

Auditions for Spring Mills High School’s Talent Show are on March 25th between 3 and 4 PM in the choir room (room 424). The actual Talent Show takes place on April 17th at 7 PM at Spring Mills High School’s auditorium. 

Auditions are open to everyone and all are encouraged to participate. All students have to do is fill out the form for auditioning and show up in the choir room on March 25th at 3 PM. The only rules are that: 

 1) Members have to be present at the time of auditions to be in the talent show.  

2) Members have to be able to participate and attend the actual talent show on April 17th in Spring Mills’ auditorium. 

 Haley Coulter, a Spring Mills High junior, takes part in the talent show every year and loves to be a part of it. 

“I don’t know why more people don’t take part in it,” Coulter says, “it’s fun and I love doing it.”  

“I’m excited to see kids from our school perform,” Georgia Hensley, another SMHS junior, said.

Coulter is best known for her singing by people in the school and community, but students don’t have to be able to sing beautifully to audition.  

As said before, when students fill out the auditioning form, there’s a list of acts to choose from: music solo, music ensemble (more than 1 performer), theater performance, dance routine, and other, this means that skits and dance routines are welcomed for those who don’t have an amazing singing voice.  

For any other questions, contact Dr. Strum via her email: [email protected]