Students of Spring Mills Practicing Social Distancing

Students of Spring Mills Practicing Social Distancing

Rylea Wilson, Author

Students of SMHS have recently started social distancing from each other and from the school because of Covid-19. This has caused the students to not be eligible to go to school or hang out with friends. 

What social distancing means to the students is that they need to be at least 6 feet away from people in the public or they need to stay at home and stay away from the outside world. 

“The biggest challenge of social distancing is that you’re used to seeing your friends or going out that you just want to leave the house even more, but you cant,” says freshman Luna Ramirez. This has been a challenge for a lot of the students because they now can’t go out and hang out with friends like they use too. 

A lot of students at SMHS have jobs, but with social distancing most of the student’s hours have gotten cut due to Covid-19. Other students that mostly work in grocery stores still must work daily. Therefore, they still must practice social distancing towards their customers. 

It has been a challenge for all the students to stay at home and not go to school. This especially affects the seniors at the school. 

“It has affected my senior year because I was looking for the tennis season, but now we aren’t sure what will happen with prom or graduation, so it’s kind of scary,” says senior Elizabeth Taylor. 

All what the students want is to be back with their friends and for the seniors all they want is their graduation to be able to happen.