Tough Times And Even Tougher Teachers


Hannah Marambio, Author

Mrs. Hilliard is a favorite teacher of many here at Spring Mills High. She is always friendly, open/honest, helpful, and encouraging. The way she teaches and communicates is always genuine and thoughtful and she is truly passionate about helping her students to improve as readers, writers, and people. It is safe to say that all of her students miss seeing her in the classroom and that her class was one of the best parts of their school day. Even from a distance, she has remained a positive example through her positive messages, shared poetry, and more. Her messages have been encouraging and uplifting for her students and especially for seniors and have acted as a reminder to stay motivated and keep working hard.

An example of the thoughtful/uplifting works that Mrs. Hilliard has used to encourage her students with

“Teaching during a global pandemic is unprecedented and revealing, and the conversations happening as a result are difficult, uncomfortable, and necessary. They are issues we must face and rumble with. Perhaps you, too, have recently stumbled your way through frustration, resignation, fear, anxiety, acceptance, meaning, and even gratitude. Or perhaps you’re like me and you run the emotional gamut daily,” said Mrs. Hilliard in a recent post.

“Distance learning has been pretty challenging. I miss the halls of SMHS. I miss my students and classes and colleagues. I miss kids saying “hey khilli” and talking about podcasts at lunch with Mrs. Salfia. I miss talking poetry and literature with AP Lit and catching up with my Eng. 11 kids. None of this is the same through a screen. Students & being in community are truly the reason I teach. If I didn’t know that before, I certainly know it now. BUT, I’ve learned a lot through this experience, too. I’ve learned to slow down, enjoy the little things and the ordinary moments, and to better extend grace to others.

Hope you’re well — miss you all so much!



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