Cap and Gown Distribution During a Pandemic


Josalyn Junkin, Author

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak many senior activities have been cancelled or postponed. If it hasn’t been cancelled or postponed, odds are it is happening in a totally different way then it normally would. This includes the cap and gown distribution 

This week all Spring Mills social media accounts have released the plans on how seniors will receive their graduation materials from Jostens. Typically, this day is a big steppingstone on the way to graduation. Seniors would normally receive cap and gowns during the school day, get to try them on with their friends, and show the underclassmen what they have to look forward to. Well, not this year. 

This year the distribution process is drive-thru style. On Tuesday May 5th seniors come to the school and have specific zones for their last name and a corresponding location on the outside of the school including: Red Zone (A-G) at the student parking lot entrance, White Zone (H-O) at the student entrance from the buses at the back of the building, and the Blue Zone (P-Z) at the facuilty parking lot near the art entrances. This is required to keep everyone safe and following all guidelines given to administration from BCHD regulations. 

Seniors will come to the school and go to the check point with principal Kamlowsky to give him their name. Kamlowsky will radio that student’s zone to let them know they are on their way. The package is then placed on a table to be picked up for a contactless distribution.