Spring Mills High School Ski & Board Club- If It Snows, They’re Still Skiing


Luca Azzani, Author

The SMHS Skiing and Snow Boarding club are selling their night tracker cards for this year’s 2020-2021 snow season online with the deadline quickly rushing in- December 16.

Safety measures are in place, at both a club and corporate level with Whitetail and neighboring resorts. Masks are required all-around, along with restricted access to the indoors. Reservations are also obligatory in food courts along with a great reduction in food options. However, most locations on-site are open.

“With that in mind, share this away with all friends and family,” said Deane Miller, SMHS science teacher and club leader. Even though the club is a school club, she encourages the club to reach further than its school members. If others are interested in the 2020-21 snow season you may contact Mrs. Miller at [email protected]

The night tracker offers the ability to pay only for the later evening, which is the time most people have a free schedule. From 4 pm till closing time, 9 pm, one can come ski or board. The resort also has rentals available and an on-site store for any equipment one might need.

Originally inspired by the middle school version of the club, the freshmen class of 2021 decided to do the same in high school. After registering to the Whitetail skiing resort, they were able to receive reduced club prices and have been doing so since December 2016.

“Hope you all are doing well! I miss seeing you around at school. My new school has been all virtual, so all I see are my daughter and my computer lol,” says Mrs. Miller in her letter to all current and future club members. With all Cardinal Country working from home, skiing and riding remains one of the few events that can still function with an on-going pandemic. COVID-19 won’t stop a couple skiers from skiing 6 feet apart.