The Outgoing Football Coach, Role Model, and History Teacher


Katelyn Benoit , Author

By: Katelyn Benoit

Matthew Grogg is a history teacher at Spring Mills High School and a football coach for the Spring Mills High School Football Team. Grogg has been teaching since 2017. Since becoming a teacher, this is his fourth-year teaching.  

“I chose to teach history because I have always been fascinated with history and government,” said Grogg. When Grogg was in high school, he had a great history teacher who was a huge role model for him. He wanted to emulate him and decided to become a football coach and teacher.  

“I enjoy playing golf in the warm weather, and occasionally enjoy playing a little Madden, said Grogg. If Grogg wasn’t a history teacher at Spring Mills High School, he would probably work grounds crew at Augusta National Golf Club. “I have always wanted to work grounds crew at Augusta National Golf Club during the summer as a 2nd job,” said Grogg.  

This school year has been different for everyone because of an ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic that people are enduring. This hit at the end of the 2019-2020 school year and has continued. Students can go back into school or continue their education through online school. This means teachers are either teach Brick, Click, or both. 

“Teaching during a pandemic is what you make it,” said Grogg. Grogg teaches both Click and Brick classes in the 2020-2021 school year. Although he is stressed and there is a lack of participation throughout his classes, with technical difficulties, he tries to stay positive and help the students in any way he can possible. 

“The advice I would give is to learn to prioritize and manage your time wisely. During the pandemic, many students have no one to manage their time for them, so this is a skill that would greatly help during the pandemic but also in life after high school, “said Grogg. This year has been hard on everyone, but he tries to make the best out of it with what he can do.