Kobe Steakhouse Puts Up A Show


Luca Azzani, Author

The last one of five turned 14 this November, or so she says, but what an excuse to eat out. My sister chose our outfits and we made our way to Kobe Steakhouse & Sushi Bar.

An easy ride to downtown Martinsburg with easy parking. Kobe has put in place the usual COVID measures, masks are obligatory unless eating, and groups of people must be at least six feet from other groups. The big pandemic bummer here was that the sushi bar closed for “sanitary reasons.”
Food wise- it was great, but Kobe’s trick wasn’t in the food. It’s in the presentation. The table wraps around a hot plate. You would order your food, and then a cook would come with your raw dish. The cook, with all style and snazz you can expect, cooks your meat/fish with vegetables in a combination of flames and catch-the-omellette-in-the-mouth throwing.
Not only does your dish look amazing after such a show, you also appreciate the food a lot more. So if you ever want some fancy-but-not-too-fancy definitely drop by Kobe Steakhouse & Sushi Bar in Martinsburg.
Address- 220 Viking Way, Martinsburg, WV 25401