Ask a Senior: Siera Bell


Morgan Ortiz, Author

Siera Bell is a senior at Spring Mills High School. She enjoys helping others and is always extremely hardworking. Bell had high expectations for her senior year, but with the rules and regulations of COVID-19, her expectations were put to an end.

Bell had heard so many good things as a lower-class men from the seniors previous to her. She was excited for prom and homecoming and just the new experiences that being a senior brings. Bell was ready to be held accountable for the higher standards and to work hard in comprehending her material.

“As a student with a learning disability, I’d say that this year was almost bitter sweet,” said Bell. She found that at the beginning of this year when we were in smaller classes due the the pandemic, it was easier for her than her previous three years of learning because classrooms were smaller and she got more one on one time with her teachers.

“My biggest piece of advice is to never be afraid to ask for help. Some of us lose motivation and just need a little push,” said Bell. She also agrees that online school can be extremely stressful no matter what grade you are in, so the best thing is to try to not overwhelm yourself. “It sounds easier said than done,” says Bell, “but take it into consideration.”

Remote learning can be difficult in the area of staying focused and motivated because there isn’t a teacher there to make sure you are doing so.

“Most of us do our work in our room in bed now,” says Bell. It is very hard to stay focused with so many distractions or other options such as just sleeping or being on your phone instead of having the motivation to do your work. Without a teacher to make sure you’re staying on task, you can really do whatever you want with your work.

Applying for colleges during the pandemic hasn’t been as difficult for Bell as she expected. The new requirements from colleges due to the pandemic has made it fairly easy, but definitely a learning experience. Bell knew exactly where she wanted to go, which made it a whole lot easier.

Bell says she hopes next year will be different and that the Board of Education will come up with a better system for students. If not, then Bell suggests for you to change things up yourself. Put away the obvious distractions and make yourself comfortable and remember to not give up.

“Always remember that some things are temporary, and things do get better. There are better days to come,” said Bell.