How COVID has Affected a Junior Student in Berkley County

How COVID has Affected a Junior Student in Berkley County

Davee-lynn Wright, Author

Richie Harper who once attended Spring Mills High School but now a Hedgesville student has been affected by COVID and would like to share.

Richie Harper is a junior brick learner. However, most days of learning have been spent at home in front of his Chromebook. He was a very social and active football player last year at Spring Mills but changing districts during a pandemic made the adjustment twice as hard.

COVID not only made making new friends a hardship but playing football hard too. Practices were on rotating days, family and friends could not attend the games, and some of the other schools would cancel games.

“The hardest part of the pandemic is not being with my girlfriend as much as we can,” said Harper. Covid has at times made things better for him because there were days in the beginning when they could study together but then someone in his family was exposed which put an end to a lot.

Some of the positives for Harper are being able to be at home and wearing his pajamas to do school work, but most days he just misses everything.

“I really am going to miss my junior prom this year with Davee-lynn. I hope next year for senior year everyone will see us at Spring Mills going strong and still together,” said Harper.

He hopes for the upcoming months that things will go back to normal.