The Beginning of a Political War


Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Author

The morning of January 6, former US president Donald Trump gave a speech to his supporters that he was not backing down. That afternoon, pro-Trump civilians caused a riot at the capitol including Derrick Evans and more.  

This isn’t about the fate of the U.S anymoreit’s about the fate of its people and its future. 

2021 has already met its end. The soughtafter year started with a riot which Trump incited, and Derrick Evans, a member at the time of the house of delegates in WV, attended. Evans gave an oath to assume the position December 14, 2020.  Less than a month later, he was arrested by the FBI and released January 8th for charging into the capitol during an illegal riot. 

“A newly elected Republican lawmaker in West Virginia resigned Saturday after he was arrested for trespassing in the U.S. Capitol in a mob of Trump supporters hoping to halt President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.” stated an article written by the Washington post. 

The world and the US now has to wonder where West Virginia and the country go from here. What does that say about the community, the people, the culture and beliefs of West Virginia and the US? 

No one is quite sure what will happen next in America. 

“Biden might get killed or riots will tear down D.C.,” said Kinza Davis, a 17-year-old student attending Northwood High School. 

The inauguration of President Joe Biden was met with a peaceful transition, one not expected by the people or the government. The following days after the riot, the capitol was guarded by lots of National Guard members throughout the capitol. This is due to the ultimate protection and security of the upcoming, now present president.  

“I think you can expect to see somewhere upwards of beyond 20,000 members of the National Guard that will be here in the footprint of the District of Columbia,” Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said on Wednesday.” stated an article written by the Washington post. 

Many citizens and people around the world are coming to terms with what the Trump presidency has meant to them. 

“Gracias por los $600, pero a lo último hiciste cosas malas. No estuvo bien por mi parte te perdono pero algunos no la van hacer porque hiciste mal.” Translation: “Thank you for the $600, but in the end, you did bad things. In my opinion, it wasn’t right, but I forgive you, but I know others won’t do the same,” said 72-year-old David Gonzalez from the US territory of Puerto Rico. 

The US is supposed to be the greatest richest, most powerful, and influential nation in the world, but COVID-19 has hit the hardest in this country, and everyone is dispersed and focused on race and who gets more of what, while the rest of the world looks to the US for an example of liberty, justice, and order. 

There’s never been peace in the world or the US, but there has been some stability, and now it’s all going through the cracks not just because of ex-president Trump or because of COVID-19, but because people are never satisfied with what they have. They want more rights, more privileges, more acknowledgement, more money. No matter the race or culture, everyone wants more. Sometimes being quiet is the only way to truly be heard and make a statement.