Spread Love, Not COVID: 5 Groovy Grooves for Valentine’s Day


Georgia Hensley, Author

Though Valentine’s day has officially passed, we shouldn’t be too quick to rid ourselves of the holiday’s lingering romance. With all the chaos in the world today, it’s about time we start showing a little more appreciation to one another. Here are five of today’s coolest, ooey-gooey love grooves to keep you spreading the love bug (and not COVID-19).

1. “Some” by Steve Lacy










For those looking for a love that defies all boundaries, this genre-bending track from Steve Lacy track is perfect. With hints of funk, R&B, and soul, this genre-bending song will keep you and your valentine feeling chill all year long.


2. “Eres Tú” by Carla Morrison










Carla Morrison, an indie rock and pop singer from Mexico, first debuted this track in 2012. Her music video following two gay men as they prepare for their wedding quickly transformed the song into a LGBTQ+ anthem in Mexico. No matter your gender or orientation, the intimately beautiful lyrics paired with Morrison’s bright vocals make this a perfect track for Valentine’s day.


3. “Pumpkin” by The Regrettes










This modern rock ballad was released on Valentine’s Day in 2019. The song detailing some of love’s more tumultuous aspects is most likely about lead singer Lydia Night’s boyfriend, Dylan Minnette—frontman of the indie rock band, Wallows, and actor in many movies and shows including Thirteen Reasons Why.


4. “Don’t Delete the Kisses” by Wolf Alice










Unlike the other songs on this list, Wolf Alice’s dreamy, synthesized track focuses more on the difficulty of falling in love. From being stuck in your own head to allowing your feelings to show, this song outlines the progression of finding comfort in romance rather than rejecting it (and it’s quite perfect for screaming out your car window).


5. “Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty










As the former drummer for Fleet Foxes, Josh Tillman—aka Father John Misty— is well versed in the world of folk music. However, his solo career launched in 2012, allowing him to explore his more theatrical side by adding elements of psychedelic pop and rock music while still appealing to his folk roots. “Real Love Baby” is the perfect romantic folk ballad, illuminating the joy and authenticity of true love.