Been Up to Whitetail? How’s the Snow?


Luca Azzani, Author

This year has proven to be more snow filled than last year’s winter.

After Whitetail changed ownership they had all the time, since last year, to deliver an efficient new COVID plan to keep business coming while respecting this invisible enemy. I have skied over there on numerous occasions and their plan has proven to be rather efficient, with a final product being just about identical to the original experience. They still offer paper tickets which can now be scanned from a distance, giving the ability to respect the social distancing.

The largest problem one would think is rentals, which they also found an efficient way to handle. People needing rentals are taken care of per group by an employee with equipment that is sanitized every night. As for returning them, you enter through a separate hallway and drop your rentals off to be cleaned and put away by staff, this allows people coming in and those coming out to not have to cross paths.

Personally, I really like this place, despite the fact I know the place like the back of my hand, its slopes do not cease to disappoint. Slopes are constantly being passed over, for limited amounts of moguls, and jumps are constantly being edited and added. Most importantly what I have realized from other resorts is the quality and speed of the lifts. There speed has proven to be most handy on chilly nights or even just to be able to hit the most slopes.

If you are a pro amateur trying to get some time in, this is your place, with moguls, ramps, and jumps being constantly added there is little time to waste. This is a great place to learn too, for you first-timers out-there, with ready available rentals, lessons for all-levels, and most importantly easy slopes to get your snow legs going.