WV Young Writers Contest And Winners 

WV Young Writers Contest And Winners 

Lauren Weber, Author

The WV young writers contest is an opportunity for students grades 1-12, to showcase their writing skills.It’s a chance to experience writing and churn your brain cells to be creative, said freshman Brianna Detzel, the first-place winner from grades 9th through 10th.The participants entered their work late January or early February and found out their results through a Schoology message on February 3rd or 4thThe contest had very lenient requirements, which gave the writers lots of artistic liberties. 

Brianna Detzel, showing off her writing

“Any piece of writing written within the current school year, with the expectation of poetry, was accepted. No designs or graphics were allowed. There wasn’t a word amount, but the limit for the 11-12 grade competition was 1,200 words. The younger the grade level, the lower the limit was,” said Janetta Keel, the 2nd place winner for the 11th through 12th grade bracket. There was also, of course, some incentives, for entering the contest. 

Janetta Keel, winner from the 11-12 grade bracket

“If you win county, you receive commemorative certificates and will participate in workshops with published authors/presenters on WV Young Writers Day,” Detzel said. For state level, “The first-place winners of the state competition earn $100, second place winners earn $50, and third earns $25,” Keel said. Lastly, many English teachers at Spring Mills did assign extra credit for completing an entry into the contest. 

Keel got inspiration for her story due to a bellringer she did in Mrs. Salfia’s class, the week of Halloween. “We had to write a paragraph based on this picture of a tree branch that looked like an eye was inside of it,” said Keel. Her story just screams spooky vibes. On the other hand, Detzel’s story was inspired by the Avengers and X-men. Detzel said that she learned how to slim down her word count and learned more about the character she had created 

“I learned that writing may be a fun thing to do, but it also requires lots of effort and time to make everything flow properly and read nicely,” said Keel. My favorite part of the contest was coming up with different aspects of the background of the village and the characters.” 

Both Detzel and Keel, as well as others who entered the contest, were able to learn a lot about writing. Detzel was even able to start putting the story she had been “cooking up” for five years onto paper. Keel said she thinks she will enter the contest again next year. “I most definitely want to enter next year. Creating this story was a learning experience, and I want to do it again,” said Detzel. 




Grades 9-10
1st Place- “Hiraeth: by Brianna Detzel
2nd Place- “You Left Me” by Elliot Moyer
3rd Place- “Have You Met My Friend June?” by Morgan Sine
Honorable Mention- “The Scale” by Keller Billings

Grades 11-12
1st Place- “I Should Have Brought Flowers” by Genevieve Xavier
2nd Place- “Mystics of Ganean Land: The Rooted Kingdom” by Janetta Keel
3rd Place- “Him” by Brianna Cote
Honorable Mention- “The Blurred Face” by Madison Whitt