Teacher of the week: Ms. Gletner


Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Author

Who is Ms.Gletner? She’s a person with a longing purpose. A purpose instilled in her from the beginning of her life. She’s passionate, caring and driven. 

“I have been working as a teacher at SMHS since January of 2020. I completed my student teaching here in the fall of 2019,” said Ms.Gletner.

Although Ms.Gletner is still pretty new to the school she is pretty much a part and welcomed into the home that is SMHS. Like many teachers you could say she has “a heart of gold.” A driving passion and longing to help others. 

Ms. Gletner is straight out of the home of the Mountaineers. She was born and raised in West Virginia and attended Shepherd University. 

I teach World History and Sociology at Spring Mills High School. I graduated from Shepherd University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Studies 5-Adult. Outside of work, I enjoy living an active lifestyle–I have found a love for yoga and barre classes in the past year and make it a priority to go to these classes multiple times per week. I love spending warm days outside, and cold days cuddled up with my pup and fiancé watching one of our favorite shows or movies (currently watching Grey’s Anatomy). I am blessed to have an amazing family and wonderful friends that I talk to and spend time with regularly.”

Through the struggles this year has had on everyone, Ms. Gletner has kept her life pretty much the same although that is not without saying that there were no difficulties maintaining the life she has or doing the things she likes. 

“You might not always get what you want, but you’ll always get what you need,” said Ms.Gletner.