“Be Mine”: Only on February 14

“Be Mine”: Only on February 14

Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Author

In the US, February 14 marks the day when people embrace and declare their love in many ways, although this is a worldwide celebrated event each country celebrates it in a different way. 

The origins of Valentine’s day are a foggy and mostly forgotten tale. One thing is for sure, that it originated during the Middle Ages of the Roman Empire in the Catholic-Christian church. In the beginning, it was nothing more than a mere celebration of people showing their love until Shakespeare started embedding the idea of romance and passion into his work. That is when the holiday traveled to the New World.  

What is love? Is it passion, faith, trust, family, or a partner? What if it’s all of it?  

“What romance means to me is to have that lovely connection with someone and know that person for a while and have a strong connection with them,” said sophomore Bryan Aguirre Gomez of Montgomery County High School.  

Everyone has a different view of what love and romance is, but Valentine’s Day is one of the few days of the year when anyone can have an excuse to do something to show their appreciation for someone or something. Not because it’s mandatory to show love on this day but because the world has added a significance to this day making it special to most people.  

In the end, Valentine’s Day is just a day. A day created by the world and its people. Most people say it’s overrated, and some say it’s underrated but, in the end, it will pass by like any other day. The significance Valentine’s Day has can be the same for any other day. 

This event is not only commercialized but it is superficial at most times. The news advertises to buy chocolates and flowers for a family member or partner to show love and appreciation. But not everyone can show their love with money and gifts. This day tricks the mind of many people that if someone buy something for them they will “be yours forever.” 

“Romance means that through thick and thin, it’s one of those things that are hard to describe,” said senior Luca Azzani.  

Love is not something that most people can put into words. It is not just a feeling but an action, that can be demonstrated in any way based on who the person is. Valentine’s Day has always been a social event in past years, but because of last year and current events, it does not look or feel the same for many people. Love and romance are not what is holding these people back but fear of the unknown and the future. Valentine’s Day was a brief period to hope and share love again, some of the only hope some people will get in a while from this storm full of desperation and sorrow.