Cardinal Comeback Commands the Court


Carson Thomas, Author

After a hiatus from SMHS following his graduation amongst the class of 2017, Coach Dylan Thomas has returned. He marks the first ever alum to return to the school as a member of the Spring Mills Basketball Coaching Staff.

Growing up, Coach Thomas was very familiar with a basketball. Whether it was layups in the basement or dunking in the driveway, he pushed himself with a nothing-but-net mindset until he couldn’t lift a basketball anymore. In the end, he sacrificed his career as a professional athlete to pick up the clipboard and use his expertise for good.

“I enjoy what I do, and I’ve felt welcomed both by the players and my peers,” said Thomas.

Coach Thomas says coaching the freshman basketball team has taught him a lot about the importance of communication with his players. They’ve seen victory and defeat, but this is just the beginning.

The team has played five games so far this season. Their next match-up is at University High School in Morgantown, WV.

“Try to wear a mask so we can keep playing,” urges Coach Thomas. With COVID-19 cases changing every day, sports cancellations are a real possibility.

Any player on the freshman boys’ basketball team should be pinching themselves and asking the world what they could’ve possibly done to deserve such a hard-working and dedicated leader