Teacher of the Week: Mr. Linger

Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Author

Mr. Linger is a World History teacher in SMHS. He has been working at the high school for five years now. 

Just like many teachers who seek to help the world around them, Mr. Linger came into the SMHS faculty knowing exactly what he wanted to do and who he wanted to help. 

If there’s ever a spirit week or a school function activity you will always see Mr. Linger attending or participating. Even if you don’t have him personally as a teacher you’ll hear the whispers of his name around the corners of the hallway about his impact towards others.

Mr. Linger is not only a World History teacher but also the Vice President of the faculty. He talked about some things that might not be common knowledge for some. 

“Ms. Unger is the President of the faculty and I’m the Vice President. I hate Mr.Grogg and his a loser (One day I’ll kick Ms.Unger out)” said Mr. Linger. 

Over the years he has been the coach for the boys JV and V team. This year he wanted to try out something different. 

“I’m super excited it’s been a while since I coached girls. I’m really excited we have a big group this year, 19 in total, 8 on varsity, 11 on JV. We have a really young team, one senior and two juniors, the rest are freshmen,” said Mr. Linger.

Although SMHS is still considered a new school not reaching a decade since its opening. There are many activities, clubs and events that happen in this school. One of them is going abroad on a trip towards the summer each year. Every year Mr. Linger has directed this event with other teachers. 

Overall, Mr. Linger is a very laid back and understanding teacher who starts his day with a cup of coffee and a whole lot of enthusiasm and patience. 

“The first sip of coffee inspires me to wake up,” said Mr. Linger.