Literary And Art Magazine Comeback

Literary And Art Magazine Comeback

Lauren Weber, Author

 The literary and art magazine, a compilation of student work designed to highlight creativity, has been published at Spring Mills High School since 2013Mrs. Brooke Cushwa, a teacher, started it after being the lit magazine advisor at her old school. The literary and art magazine, named “Lucid”, was then taken over by Mrs. Jessica Salfia, an English and creative writing teacher, in 2017.  There was no magazine published last year due to COVID-19, but the magazine is making a comeback this year!

Anyone who is an SMHS student can submit work. We will accept poetry and prose and photography and art,” Salfia said. The deadline for submission is the first week of May. “All work can be submitted to [email protected].” A student can not only get involved by submitting their own work but also by being an editor. 

 Any student who wants to be involved with the magazine can send me an email! Editors must be juniors or seniors and have had creative writing class,” said Salfia. 

 If your submitted work was published into the magazine, you will find out during the second week of May and you will receive a letter of congratulation from SalfiaYou can also get a free copy of the magazine! 

“Free copies will be available in my room, the library, and the front office,” Salfia said. These copies are a great gift to give to friends and family. The magazine is also great way to look at and enjoy other students’ art and writing that are also in the magazine. “Bittersweet” was the latest lucid volume released in 2019.

Seeing the students work in print is my favorite part, and the pairing of student art with student writing,” Salfia said.