Madden Feature


Morgan Ortiz, Author

Ms. Annette Madden is a teacher at Spring Mills High. Madden has been a teacher for thirteen and a half years and has always taught English. Madden has taught grades seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven.

Madden enjoys teaching English and loves the element of pulling deeper meaning out of a book rather than just reading it. Madden also enjoys the writing part of the class and introducing poetry to her students, which is one of her favorite units because it can relate to the past and the present. Due to COVID-19, Madden has not been able to do as much of the writing portion of the class as she has in the past.

“What I really wanted to do when I graduated from college was to teach English at a high school level,” said Madden who came to Spring Mills High when it opened in 2013 and has been here since. Madden has only ever taught at one other school, which was Musselman Middle School, and she taught there for five years.

“I believe that having a free opinion and respecting others’ opinions is something that needs to be taught,” said Madden. Madden tries to make her class enjoyable by having debates or discussions about different topics in class and teaching the difference between disagreeing respectfully versus disrespectfully.

Madden didn’t always want to teach English, though. She wanted to own her own business when she first graduated from college. Madden later realized that her degree was not for this and that she could not be her own boss.