Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction?

Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Author

Some people believe that Easter originated from the death/resurrection of Jesus Christ around the 2nd century in Israel. While others believe that it originated in the Northern hemisphere as a pagan festival from Eostre which was Queen Semiramis. Therefore, the truth lies in both stories.

“Easter’s name – The name Easter is never associated with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the original Scriptures and is derived from the word “Eostre.” Eostre was Queen Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod, Noah’s evil but enterprising great grandson (Genesis 10:6-8).”

For many people in the US, Easter is a day to spend time with family and for children to collect eggs hidden in bushes to celebrate the “Easter bunny.” For some it’s to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What does it all mean?  

Easter has become something more than the “Easter bunny” or a religious activity to some.  

I like spending time with family on Easter,” said Ian Holloway a freshman at SMHS.  

Although Easter did originally form as a pagan festival, it is celebrated today as a Christian event. Many people take this day to reflect on their values and beliefs.   

For some, this day is a grand celebration, and for others it’s a great sorrow.  

 The significance of egg baskets on this day started to celebrate the fertility and new life of OsteraIt derives from the Easter bunny because bunnies have long been seen as a symbol of fertility. 

Easter is not just a celebration of religion or a day that children have scavenger hunts for eggs. This is a day that has been passed down for generations. It’s a teaching of culture. 

Ian Holloway believes that the origin of Easter comes from Christianity. 

Christian. I’m a Christian and my mom always taught me that.” said Holloway.