Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: SAT Testing Pursues.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: SAT Testing Pursues.

Luca Azzani, Author

On April 13th and then the following April 20th, Spring Mills High School students took the SAT, also called the Standardized Aptitude Test, in their classrooms 

This year’s standardized tests are different than past years for more reasons than only COVID-19. In the past years the SAT test, strongly recommended for Juniors looking into college, has been made free for Juniors. This Encouraged all 11th graders willing to try, to set themselves up for their future educational careersBut this year, both the SAT and PSAT have been free, allowing students in 10th and 11th grade to take the practice SAT to prepare for their future test-taking.  

“Many colleges are loosening the testing restrictions or eliminating them all together. Students have struggled to be able to test in certain areas of the country with the virus spiking and making finding a testing center more challenging,” said Carrie Marcum, SMHS assistant principal. 

The Coronavirus is also greatly impacting high schools and colleges. Some colleges, who previously required SAT scores, are now making them optional or all-together unnecessary. 

“In previous years, we had 20-24 students per room. This year it has been 10-16 students,” stated Marcum.  

SMHS, like many other high schools, was forced to accommodate more classes for the aptitude test because of social distancing. All students must be at least 6 feet apart from each other when seated at their desks, and this also forced more teachers to have to help administer the test. All this extra preparation and staff required Spring Mills to be closed the day of testing, allowing only those test-taking to be allowed in the building 

The task of taking a standardized test can seem daunting at first, but there are many reliable ways to study. Marcum leaves Cardinals off with the most reliable tips, “utilize resources such as Khan Academy and College Board practice tests to prepare for the tests.” To all Cardinal students who have taken the test- Cardinal Country wishes you the best of luck with your results.