Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Ashton

Yimel Hernandez-Gonzalez, Author

Mrs. Ashton is a first-time teacher in SMHS. Five years ago, she used to work in Martinsburg HS but decided to take a long-needed break for her children. 

“It is home. It’s close to my house and my children attend BCS.” said Mrs. Ashton.

Mrs. Ashton was born and raised in BCS. She attended Martinsburg high school, then graduated Shepherd University where she met her husband. She then got married, became a teacher at Martinsburg high school and had her first child. She is what you would call a “small town girl”  but she is no ordinary girl.

“It feels good to get back into it. I was nervous to come back with the current circumstances and into a new school, but it has been fun talking about the material that I love talking about.” said Mrs. Ashton.

After having her first child Mrs. Ashton suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. If you attend Mrs. Ashton class you will often hear her compare the mental health chapters and pregnancy chapters to her own experiences. 

Although Mrs. Ashton is a teacher; she is also a mother. Like any mother her children and her family come first. Hence her taking a maternity leave which lasted for 5 years. 

“I try to separate them. When I am at work, I focus on that and when I am home, I focus on my family.” said Mrs. Ashton.

In many of her classes Mrs. Ashton will try to connect something to real life experiences. But as she is a teacher and an adult, she keeps the personal to a limit especially when it comes to respect towards other students sharing their past experiences on a sensitive subject.