Rising to the Top: The Boys Lacrosse Team’s Undefeated Season


Lauren Weber, Author

The Spring Mills boys’ lacrosse team has remained undefeated as they finish their ninth game of the season, crushing almost every team by 10 points this season.  

This is the first time in school history that the boys lacrosse team has had a totally undefeated season. The team is projected to play in the state championship and win. The team hasn’t won the state championship since 2016.  

We have strong individuals working stronger together as a team,” Joshua Wolford, a senior goalie, said. Jeremy Kortright, the head boy’s lacrosse coach, and Luca Azzani, a senior player on the team, both had similar answers, saying they have great teamwork on the field. 

We’re trying to take nothing for granted. We’re all thankful to even have a season this year with COVID-19, let alone have a chance of winning states. It would mean a lot to win. There are 11 seniors this year and they earned it. This is their year,” Kortright said. 

“Lacrosse is a model of life. It is no different than any other sport. When coached correctly, young men began to be challenged of what life is like,” Kortright said. Wolford and Azzani both agreed they learned many lessons through their four years of playing such as, discipline, commitment, leadership and giving 100% effort. 

“My favorite memory of the season is when the guys stormed the field and ran towards me after I made 12 saves that game,” Wolford says. Wolford will be attending Wheeling University this fall with a lacrosse scholarship. The boys on the team have become closer. They have one purpose and one mind. They got each other’s back. 

“We are a family, but not the ‘we all love each other’ type. More of a “different” family from many backgrounds where, when the right time comes, we can combine our group efforts to deliver quite effective punch,” Azzani said.