A Student’s Life: Nate Adams


Morgan Ortiz, Author

Nate Adams is a Junior at Spring Mills High School, who also plays soccer for the school. Adams also has a job outside of school, working usually about 26 hours a week.

Between school, soccer, and work, Adams has absolutely no free time to get things done for himself–no time to take a breathe and relax, averaging maybe 5-6 hours of sleep a night. This is the life of your typical high school student.

On a typical day, Adams wakes up around 6:30 am and begins to get ready for school. Around 7:40 it is time to leave for school, and Adams drives himself. After sitting in school all day, Adams either has soccer practice or work right after or a few hours after school and before that Adams is trying to get some school work done, but also get some rest before whatever else the day entails.

“I don’t think motivation is what makes us push ourselves to do things, much rather than just knowing it needs to be done in order to not have negative consequences,” said Adams. Adams notes that it is his choice to have a job, but he has a car to pay insurance for, and it is nice to buy things for himself with his own income sometimes, but it doesn’t always feel worth it.

“I definitely put school first now, but there was a time when I did put work first because I suppose I was just more worried about it at that time, but now I see that school is the most important thing,” said Adams. Adams agrees that it is nice to have money, but if you do not have the time management or your grades and things together, that you probably shouldn’t have a job unless you absolutely have to.

“Some people like it busy and some cannot handle it mentally, and mental health is another big thing to consider when you think about having a job, going to school, playing a sport, and doing whatever else you do,” said Adams. As a person who struggles with getting overwhelmed himself, Adams can definitely tell teens that if they get stressed out easily, then this busy life is not for them.