Bringing the Band Back

Bringing the Band Back

Alex Garland

By: Alex Garland

During the past year the pandemic has ravengened tons of businesses, schools and all sorts of other groups. One of them being the Spring Mills High School Band. Their sweet sounds have recently began to fill the hallways with the SMHS fight song again, and many wonder how they do it as if there was no layoff. But comebacks are few and far between and everyone loves a successful one. 

The SMHS Band at a football game in 2017

Covid affected everyone across the globe and the band was no outlier. Even with 30 years of experience, nothing could have prepared Mr. Cheek for something like the past year. When asked about the struggles of last year he said, “We had no clear understanding if playing caused covid. We just want to get everybody back and remember why we play”, said Cheek. With such supportive expectations his students must be feeling confident in their abilities. 

Obviously they didn’t want to completely stop playing so there were some ideas to get it up and running during the difficult time. Some of those included putting bags over their instruments, cutting holes in masks and playing 6ft apart. Some were with it and some were against it. One student, Dei’ja Taylor-Mallory, a Senior at Spring Mills High School (Drum major – 7 years), said, “It wasn’t the same”. The general consensus was to make it back.

Three people walking down the street during the Pandemic

As most know they survived the storm and are attempting to make a comeback. Last week they marched the halls banging on drums and buzzing on trumpets to an amazing crowd response. They seem to be back in action with little to no rust. When asked about their performance Emily Schoppert, a Senior at Spring Mills High School(Drum major – 7 years), said that she was “proud”. Both Drum majors spoke very highly of their fellow students and “expect them to have fun”. 

Although they were back, their problems weren’t done yet. Another conflict arose. When would the next scheduled performance be? After many hit and miss attempts to schedule one last year, the SMHS Band’s official comeback performance will be Homecoming. Make sure to come by and watch because you won’t want to miss this one and all support is extremely welcome.